Flappy Birds Hileleri

Flappy Birds Hileleri
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Flappy Birds Cheats Videos Please solve the matter with the game now ! Flappy Birds game now with this video you will pass easily . With this application you thousands of tricks and videos !

1 Web was made with the logic
What is the Web . User interface , so the user interface (UI) has k?saltmas?d?r.kullan?c friendly interface .

2 Connect with your fingers flip - book reads like pages
How we turn pages while reading a book in the same way our Android app in order to pass another issue you need to do is slide your finger from right to left . Effortless and enjoyable way to enjoy reading news .

3 Theme Option two , day white , midnight black
Most of us that suffer with this application have found the solution to this issue . Day of Metrobüsd , Marmaray , bus and train well , even on the plane ( without the internet works too) can easily read the news . Your eyes never tired. Enter your bed during the night of the tiredness of the day you try to throw your empty your head and you 'll want to be aware of the world . Then you need to do is change the theme from the application's menu options is to click on the theme of the night . In this way, your eyes never tired. You can relax .

4 Internet there is no need installing first with WiFi , I 'm reading on the road without a net !
Our application does not need the internet . From the menu, click on the settings section if senkrenizasyo Just pictures for the contents, WiFi WiFi if you do download from first , and then you can look down the road . But do not recommend it . 3G WiFi connected on the road because you will see it and will not download the program . Until one more until the Wifi connection . So our suggestion is that you do not touch the settings of senkrenizasyo .

5 Unlimited sharing , the ability to add favorites , Writing to enlarge , read to conceal and 20 languages
30 one social network, you can share any news . Simply click on the share button to share. You can add your favorite favorite news , you can follow your favorite menu . You can enlarge the font size of text you can read more comfortable . You can also read news hide . In this way, your news will come to the front again . Your phone becomes english english in the program . However, our content will still be Turkish .

6 Full content, not staccato , half not . On the same site as
Our content is fully content . Half is not . On the site are as follows . We have solved it updated . Videos , Links , Pictures on the same site as you can see . Even in a clean way . Adjusted with an interface simple and soft .

7 Arbitrarily divided into categories of content on the site as another category !
In the site, Internet, Software, Games , Video Technology , Mobile Phone , Space , Technology and Science , Download, Hardware , Electronics, Cars , Health and categorized in a way that will see corporate news . That's our biggest feature !

8 Income in 15 Minutes a Statement ! News News Balls is added , giving Mr. Notifies you !
This must be my favorite feature . News in notification center collects and number one technology news added you x 15 minutes saying you informed. If the news does not inform . If you see it on the news , and the number of balls and rob you


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